About Aadhhaar Symphony

Welcome to the essence of higher living, embodied in a modern, integrated campus that is a celebration of life itself.

Aadhhaar Symphony is designed to leave you on a high and keep you there.

A master plan incorporating modern and contemporary living, luxurious high-rise apartments accentuated with natural daylight across their living space, verdant landscaped gardens, 3 tier security and lots more. The upcoming biggest mall of Bhopal 'The Great India Place' (video courtesy YouTube) is within 0.5 km from the project.

Located on the 150' wide proposed ring road and 100 meters off existing 120' main Kolar Road, Aadhhaar Symphony is meticulously designed with unique features to make your life joyful and a pleasure to live in everyday.

Luxurious amenities, great location advantage and secure campus - everything which signifies comfortable living is to be found in Aadhhaar Symphony.

All in all, it's an invitation to higher living.